Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Monsoon Triggers Online Sale : Incredible and Unexpected Deals at Amazon

Monsoon has arrived in most part of the country. Its not just raining waters all around. There is a hailstorm of offers and deals also on the web. Companies has opened their bags for the customers roaming around the web in search of a good offer and the most appropriate deal for the products they desire to buy. They name it  the season of SALE for most of the companies engaged in online retail. Let us have a look what are the offers and deals for you at Amazon!!! 

Amazing Deals on Amazon
Great Deals On Mobiles

At Amazon Its looking like a celebration as their offer are mind storming and tempting enough. It is called End Of Season Sale at Amazon. Great Deals on Great Brands. Perhaps its the right time to buy a gizmo of your choice, specially if you have been postponing it since some earlier times. Redmi, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Sony, Micromax, LAVA, Karbonn and many more at Never Before Prices.  

Amazon Exclusive Store
Find Your Exclusive Choice 

There are deals for every need and at any point of time you may expect something more and the most exciting thing is that there are are a lot of new Daily Deals every day to tempt you after every click you make. Everyday there is a new range of deals at Amazon. You need to watch it on a Daily basis to see what are Today's Deals most suitable for you. Apart from deals there are many more exciting offers too in order to make your shopping experience much pleasant and adorable. 

Every Day Is A Deal Day

What are you thinking now ? Simply click on any pic or link in blue above and experience the world of Incredible and Unexpected Deals which are set to inflame your desire...

Don't forget to book a gift for me too if you find me correct there.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

IRCTC launches a light version website for 'Tatkal' e-ticket booking

It seems that IRCTC has taken a serious note about the anguish of passengers willing to book an e-ticket during TATKAL hours of booking. A common problem was experienced that the website was either not opening properly during TATKAL hours or it was running so slow that booking of an e-ticket was almost a nightmare during the period. Though there were different school of thoughts regarding the problem. Some has stated it "as the website of IRCTC was so heavy that it experienced difficulty in functioning during busy hours like TATKAL due to excessive rush of users." Whereas some had an opinion that the "website was being hacked by the travel agents or brokers." What so ever was the reason but, it has been resulting in a duress and agony for the passengers those who had a plan of travel in a shorter notice. Astonishingly, there was no such visible expedient from IRCTC to offer any relief to the passengers.

Lightweight Version Website of IRCTC during Tatkal hours

It has appeared as a pleasant surprise from IRCTC that they have launched a lightweight version of their website for booking of an e-ticket during TATKAL hours. It is really pleasant to see that IRCTC has tried to show their concern about the duress of their passengers who had to suffer a lot due to this problem. Use of this website is also very simple. As you'll type in the address bar during TATKAL hour it automatically takes you to the login page of the new website.

Migrating to next generation e-ticketing website

Immediately, after login with your id you are automatically migrated to the next generation e-Ticketing website. Here, you'll get options for print/cancel/file TDR for earlier transactions you've made or you can opt for proceeding for a fresh new booking.

View of next generation e-ticketing website of IRCTC

It is really a simplified and user friendly version providing utmost comfort and relief. Now, depending upon your need you should select for the option and proceed. Its working unexpectedly fast and serves to your need quite reasonably. One must thank Indian Railways for this humble remedy of a severe problem persisting since long.

View of new website or IRCTC

After selecting for booking a new e-ticket it takes you to the new link automatically i.e. However, you can access this new site directly also at Further, after giving inputs about your plan of travel you get a quick view of availability of berths.

Berth availability in new IRCTC TATKAL e-ticketing website

Now. select your options and proceed for booking. Its really simplified, hassle free and smiling experience. So, now onward whenever you have a short noticed plan for travel a long distance, instead of searching a broker for making you available a confirm TICKET at a licentious cost 'Try this new amenity of comfort."  

Indian Railway Aiming World-Class Experience of Journey

A successful trial of high speed semi bullet train was performed today between Delhi to Agra. It gives an impression at a first glance that Indian Railway is now planning very seriously to break the image of  its orthodox stereotype trains running with a dependability upon the mercy and blessings of situation and available resources. It also seems that the Indian Government is determined now to  march step by step in the tune of achievement of World Class Status so far Indian Railway is concerned and this trial of today should be taken as a first step in the pursuit for excellence.

Green Signal to the High Speed Train
Green Signal to the High Speed Train
Trial of this train was quite successful. The train completed this 200 Km journey in just 90 minutes. It could be claimed as a big achievement when it comes to expect speed of an Indian Train. However, so many technical trials are yet to be performed but. the Indian Railway is quite optimistic to launch a commercial run of this high speed train by November 2014. 

Trial of High Speed Train Breaking News
News about trial of high speed train
This is the good news which has raised the speculations of hope and expectations among Indians about the World Class experience of Journey. Though, the cost and comfort will be the guiding factor in order to determine its popularity and viability. Nevertheless, India can expect now the Bullet Trains too if the running of this high speed train becomes the reality. Is this the beginning of Good Days!!! Amen!!!


Thursday, 26 June 2014

Live In Or Marriage Or...?

A time immemorial trend in India is, trending with the trend. Remember, the trend when it was a a routine matter of debate 'Which is better Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage'? Prior to that there was another trend too 'To Marry or To Not Marry at all' which still is in practice and perhaps this 'LIVE IN RELATIONSHIP' is being advocated or accepted mostly by those class of people who earlier were finding it comfortable to stay alone or to not marry at all. Somehow, it has emerged as a really trending option which almost has received a social approval now a days. 

A married couple holding hands together

Before dealing with the issue it seems quite essential to understand whether any more option is also available to choose from? No...Because no such option is in trend!!! Basically, it is more important to understand what exactly is the purpose behind any relationship? What's the need or expectation behind accepting to spend the life together? One can not bluntly advocate or suggest that which format of relationship is ideal since, every format has its own limitations and advantages. Opting for Live In Relationship, or Marriage or following any other format does not make any difference if the selection of life partner is wise and correct. While giving a serious thought on the incidences of failure of any relationship it is evident quite often that the initial decision of being together was either an immature decision or it was based upon some impractical expectations.       

Couple Walking Hand in Hand

This is not a matter of solicitation also. The Natural strength of any good relationship is dependent upon the rationality and genuineness of the expectations from each other, adaptability and sacrifices, and more importantly being complimentary for each other without having any lustful craving or cupidity.  Examples of success and failure are there for all such formats so, instead of following of any trend it would be more wise to consider to spend a bit of more time in order to ensure that - 
Yes! this is that very person with whom I may spend rest of my life...
It is a very serious and rational question for any relationship, that what is more important in making a long lasting and healthy relationship A Social legal bonding or a moral bonding or it is both? Nevertheless, instead of searching the seeds of happiness and love in a format like Live In or Marriage or Any other else...  
It is better to search and find it within the inner heart of thyself...
Remember, the saying from our ancient times
Miya Biwi Razi Toh Kya Karega Kazi?

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Thinking Of A Virgin...Huh!!!

Have anyone ever came across an advertisement in any matrimony site or column stating that "seeking a virgin bride with intact hymen"? Perhaps! never ever! Why? Because, it is rubbish and ridiculous. Similarly it is rubbish to think even that it could be ever considered as a character certificate of a girl. Before making any consideration on this subject at least let us think that in which era we are living?

However, it is from the time immemorial that a woman's virginity has been considered as her prized and precious possession which she was expected to offer to her husband with a great sense of pride. Cultures across the world have placed a high value on  a woman's virginity throughout the history. But in the present era when many couples are there who are in a relationship without having any qualms or concern about getting sexually intimate with each other even though there may be no chance that the relationship will culminate into marriage. Time has changed and so the values and priorities of young men and women, sex is no more a taboo of that kind as it was earlier. According to many gynecologists and sex counselors also, this kind of mentality is largely because of some sick and orthodox traditional values which are embedded quite strongly  in society. 

Discussing about virginity as a character certificate of a girl, seems to be most irrelevant or orthodox because of its scientific reality also. Numerous reasons are there why a woman might not bleed. Almost 40-45 percent of women do not bleed at all and few bleed ever so slightly that its not getting noticed or detected. Other women have had the most minor of childhood accidents or falls that broke the hymen and causes them not to bleed in maturity, and they may not even aware that such an accident had taken place. For some women, the hymen does not break until childbirth. It is also established that many women even don't have the hymen by birth also.

Thus, apart from every realistic or non-realistic expectations about virginity one and only logical question remains quite valid and rational that for a one time rather one moments experience how a person with even a little intellect can ruin the immortal bond of love and commitment for life. We must understand that chastity and purity are character traits that exist quite independently of the hymen’s presence or absence. 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Scorching Heat : How To Beat

Its not just rising mercury, its rising heat, rising sunburns, rising rashes, rising itches, rising diseases, rising discomforts, rising expenses, rising crisis, rising abnormalities of life and the much important its rising risk of life many a times. 

Rising Heat in Summer
Rising Heat
It is really not possible for every one to be equipped with luxurious and costly gizmos to beat the heat and keep you cool all the day and night. Its not only costly as well as its not environment friendly too. It is not possible and wise to be sole dependent of power consuming appliances to lead a comfortable life. The crisis during summer is growing now a days and it is a result of pollution caused and created by humans only. Growing population and consecutive growth in pollution has really gone cruel to entire humanity. 

Sweating Woman in a Hot Sunny Day
Sweating Women in a Hot Sunny Day

In this situation its time to think wise and and the need of hour is to stay cool naturally without making any harm to the environment. Here are some truly helpful, time tested and natural solutions to keep you cool healthy and fit this summer. Some most practical and easy DIY solutions will help a lot to beat the heat this summer. Just try it and feel the difference.

Drinking Water Helpful during Summer
Water adds life in summer

Drinking plenty of water is an unique and wonderful remedy to beat the adversity of heat in summer. It prevents from dehydration an compensates the loss of minerals due to excessive sweating. It also helps maintain the glow of skin in summer. Adding lemon, mint leaves and a pinch of salt makes it more useful, refreshing and effective.  

Cotton is Comfortable during Summer
Comfortable Cotton Wear

Using cotton cloths and bed sheets is another is another helpful way to keep you cool all the summer. Preferably, wearing full sleeves in order to keep entire body covered not only helps to protect from harmful sun rays it also maintains proper respiration of the skin. It is better if you choose light color clothes during summer. It reflects harmful sun rays and keeps you comfortable and cool. Similarly Cotton bed sheets and pillow covers are truly good companion during summer nights. Wear Canvas Shoes. They are really comfortable and cool during summer.

Sprouts are Healthy Option in Summer

Eating of sprouts, salads and citrus fruits could be a wonderful idea during summer season. They are easy to digest and keeps your belly cool and tuned.  Avoid spicy foods as much as you can. They cause a lot of unrest to the digestive system during summer. Nature offers excellent fruits this season, like Watermelon, Cucumber, Orange, Papaya, Grapes, Pineapples and Mangoes. These all are extremely useful to put the scorching heat to the rest.  

Umbrella : A Must Keep During Summer
Using an Umbrella to protect from Sun Rays
Avoiding direct sunlight as much as its possible is key mantra for keeping yourself comfortable and cool during scorching sunny days. Prefer to have an umbrella if its really important and necessary to be exposed to the sun. Try to keep the back of your neck in shade when you are exposed to sun (wearing a cap backwards, or raising your collar could be a better idea) or putting a wet handkerchief on the back of the neck is also good. This is because sensors for our body temperature control system is in that area only, and thus with this method the rest of your body thinks that you are "cool". Try your best to keep your body fully covered with soft and loose fitting cotton clothes.

A Cool Shower offers Relax
Taking Shower
Bath properly minimum twice a day and rub you body thoroughly with a thick towel. Its really refreshing and cool. Using a mild soap adds multiple freshness. Use it. Rub your body thoroughly and let your body getting cool adequately. Bathing before going to bed in night is a pleasant experience. Try it and feel the charm. One more wonderful idea is to add a few drops of aftershave lotion or eu-de-colon in your bathing water. It offers great refreshment. Hope, you'll make your summer more enjoyable. 

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